A Poet Laureate writes

Andrew Motion’s Latest Poem

So farewell then George Best
With your health worries
And your pint of Best (Er.. – Ed)
You won’t be long for this world
Perhaps it’s for the best (You’re fired – Ed)
You’ll soon be playing for “new Liver”-pool
In the sky league
And prove you’re the Best of the Best (Arrrrgh! – Ed)

A minute’s silence this weekend
For a drunk and wife beater
And later, a salute
With beer by the litre

(Not dead yet, not quite alive
Like that other George, Bush
This poem’s a pre-emptive strike)

(c) A Motion 2005, UEA Creative Writing Graduate (Third)

Heh. Now far be it from me to insult a fellow UEA Creative Writing dude, but Andrew Motion writes really rubbish poetry. And yet Radio 4 get him in at the drop of a hat to write some lines on this or that, just because I guess, he’s the Poet Laureate.

Last night on the BBC Six o’Clock News, a reporter stood in front of the hospital where George Best is currently refusing to acknowledge the Ultimate call of “last orders please”, mentioned that the atmosphere outside amongst the people gathered there was “very sober indeed”. Taking the piss? Hmmm.


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