New year greets

December 31, 2005

Well happy new year then.

May yours be as joyous as you might deserve it to be. If not more so.

Radio slag

December 29, 2005

Being a media whore and not worried what you lot think, I went on the Simon Amstell show just now (despite my previous comments).

I won the quiz. Lalalalala! So there are some DVDs heading my way. Hurrah!

I expect you’ll want to listen to it. It’s more than likely available on Listen Again. Look for the Thursday 29th programme and then scroll in an hour-and-a-quarter. I’m second on, after the lovely jam-making Kate from Scotland.

Mini-ness all around-ness

December 29, 2005
Courtesy of Nate Dogg
Teeny tiny baby 1:

Courtesy of Mr Buz
Teeny tiny baby 2:

Yay for the babies!

For those who appreciate quality

December 27, 2005

If I have to explain why has got this combination spookily correct, then you need to get some education.


[Pic: Claudia Black, call me*]

*Pathetic, ain’t it?

Not so much hit as tickled

December 27, 2005

Popped into town with Ian and Nic (the cute Eleanor was left with the Grandparents) to check out the sales and have a cup of Starbucks’ finest.

I was after a new pair of work trews, but Next was like hell on Earth (as is the usual way when the sales start). The sign at the front of the store declared that the place was open at 5am this morning. That’s FIVE AM. You know – when it’s insanely dark and there’s no reason for anything to be open. At all. Ever.

So it’s been snowing today. Yay for snow! I love snow. Admittedly it started very early this morning whilst I was still out playing Risk, but at least since then it has kinda continued to be a bit snowy here and there. This is a first for Ipswich. Usually we get a bit of overnight snow, the sun comes up, it rains, the snow goes away for another year. Of course if it goes on like this I might not be able to get to work tomorrow (only joking, I’ve bought a tractor for just such an occasion).

So, dear reader, please find attached a picture of Ipswich town centre. You may be able to spot some snow a-fallin’.

[Pic: Is it a birch? Is it a pine? No! It’s a, er, Christmas tree!]

Tis the season

December 27, 2005

Well blast, if that’s not it for another year. Here come the sales, the general new year malaise of having to go back to work with nothing in particular to look forward to for a goodly while.

Spent last night with Les, Jen, David and Paul. In fact, I spent most of the day there (now I think about it). Had a great time, especially when it came to playing Risk: The Star Wars Clone Wars Edition (but with traditional Risk rules rather than the geeky, anally retentive Star Wars extended rules).

We took the opportunity to listen to Simon Amstell on Radio 2 whilst playing. My god, what a complete pile of shite that show was. The music was fine, but the bloke can’t present a decent radio show for toffee. It was like listening to some self-satisfied blathering egomaniac on a some community radio station. He has no clue about interviewing and equally no idea when to shut the hell up. If he’s the best they can get in to cover for Mark Radcliffe, then I pity the BBC. The only issue I have is that he’ll probably end up as some media darling.

After all, that’s what happens to most of the talentless bottomfeeders in this once-Great country (for reference, see the current pop-charts).

Oh the potato…

December 24, 2005

Oh the potato!
Such a veg-te-bal-ato!
Oh the potato!
It’s rather good…

Oh the potato!
Sing in Jub-lee-ato!
Oh the potato!
I love my spud.

Well, at least so says the famous song.
Me? I’m peeling the bloody things so they’ll be ready for Christmas lunch tomorrow.

Happy Christmas, dear readers.