Programming Paradise

Right well I am not, rpt NOT, a programmer. My university career put paid to that. So it comes as something of a shock to find that I’ve volunteered to write some code.

I’ve come up with some ideas for a series of games and in order to convince those I’ve told about them that I’m actually quite serious about it, I said I’d write a nice multiway scrolly landscape/map routine.

Ah. Yes indeed. Ah.


7 Responses to Programming Paradise

  1. CatM says:

    Proof, if proof were needed, that you are indeed a techie-nerd.

    Case for the prosecution rests m’lud.

  2. bigbluesturge says:

    Eh? You were actually serious about this?

  3. Alf says:

    Ah, catm, the woman with the geology degree, claiming that I’M the nerd.

  4. CatM says:

    And you lurrrve sci-fi nerd boy.

    Rocks rock!

  5. Alf says:

    Can it, Blondie, this is my blog.
    I’ll have you banned!

  6. CatM says:

    Heh heh! :o)

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