Batman BeginZzzzzz

Hey Bat-freaks! Here’s your chance!

Explain to me why everyone said “Batman Begins” was so excellent*. Go to town. Pretend I give a flying fuck about the “DC Universe” and why “BB” either pisses all over it, or gives you that funny feeling in your winkle.

And you know when I say that I’m not talking about Katie Holmes. After all, she’s a girl and you can’t bring yourself to talk to them yet, can you?

Ready? Steady? Flame…

* Because having just watched it, all I can make out is that it’s pretentious, self-absorbed shite. And to think I gave over a School Night to watch it. Geez, I could have spent more time over this Blog entry. Hahahahaha.


3 Responses to Batman BeginZzzzzz

  1. Bert Jammin says:

    Just cause you don’t appreciate doesn’t make it bad. 🙂

  2. Muddy_4x4_Blonde says:

    Is there anything you like?

  3. Alf says:

    bertjammin, you’re right: the reason it’s bad is cause it’s bad. They could have put a log in the Batsuit and it would have more personality than Bale.

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