This I know

Yo! What’s-yer-name, er… muddy_4x4_blonde or sommit… Here, in no particular order are some things I actually like.


Innocent smoothies, Top Gear, snow, Resident Evil 4, Elvis Presley concerts, Simon and Garfunkel, Linux, Lego, chocolate, Lost in Translation, my friends and family, when invisible tape sticks nicely and you really can’t see it, playing my guitar, crisp cold days, sunshine on summer evenings, wine, clean washing, seeing people smile, making people laugh, creating the world’s worst puns, annoying Buz, astounding non-techies with incredibly simple fixes to incredibly simple problems which they think mean it’s The End Of The World, the Today Programme, books, real ale, trains (when they work well), cats, films – lots of films, light, the smell of grass just after it’s been cut, the ZX Spectrum, QI, my 5-ish years of publishing stupid crap for people to read, my surprising ability to surprise even after all these years, my job, meat, The Sky at Night, hot lovin’, striving to do my best despite it all, ice cream, Martyn Joseph, the English countryside, single malt whiskies, silver, my bed, archaeology, the Times crossword (well… the T2 one), seeing people I used to work with, Marks and Spencer, most of Oliver Postgate’s output, bubble-wrap, lighting candles, a cup of tea and biscuits in the afternoon, string, magnets, the word “plinth”, the Bold liquitabs advert with the samba music in the background…

I could go on, but fuck, you’re right, it would seem I don’t like anything.

(If I were you I’d check under the section to the top right of the page titled “About” and check that whole sarcasm/cynicism/irony line out (and then take it with a pinch of salt)).

Yours, sweetness and light,


2 Responses to This I know

  1. Muddy_4x4_Blonde says:

    Me told then!

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