Using popular media to shoehorn your own opinions down throats of the masses

Russell T. Davros has decided to force an anti-war message into the Christmas Day episode of “Dr Who”.

Whilst it will no doubt be a better thing for the UK to see than Alfie Moon commit suicide in “Eastenders” just after their Christmas turkey, I can’t help but feel his reasoning to be a little bit “I’m fuckin’ excellent me”, check the story here at the BBC news site, but here’s what the giddy Welshman had to say:

“It’s Christmas Day, a day of peace,” said chief writer Russell T Davies. “There is absolutely an anti-war message because that’s what I think.”

Well why can’t we have the Doctor and Rose sit around and stuff themselves with turkey and all the trimmings?

After all, it’s Christmas Day, a day of eating more than is necessary.
I wonder if Philip Pullman has an opinion about it? I mean, anti-war… on Christmas Day? Bloody hell, a Christian value about to be broadcast at prime-time on BBC1 on a Christian holiday? He should be insane with rage! After all, he had a rant that C.S. Lewis foisted his Christian views on the public through the Narnia books… or isn’t “Doctor Who” a big enough threat to the up-coming “His Dark Materials” film trilogy (beaten to the cinema screens by “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” this week)?


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