Not so much hit as tickled

Popped into town with Ian and Nic (the cute Eleanor was left with the Grandparents) to check out the sales and have a cup of Starbucks’ finest.

I was after a new pair of work trews, but Next was like hell on Earth (as is the usual way when the sales start). The sign at the front of the store declared that the place was open at 5am this morning. That’s FIVE AM. You know – when it’s insanely dark and there’s no reason for anything to be open. At all. Ever.

So it’s been snowing today. Yay for snow! I love snow. Admittedly it started very early this morning whilst I was still out playing Risk, but at least since then it has kinda continued to be a bit snowy here and there. This is a first for Ipswich. Usually we get a bit of overnight snow, the sun comes up, it rains, the snow goes away for another year. Of course if it goes on like this I might not be able to get to work tomorrow (only joking, I’ve bought a tractor for just such an occasion).

So, dear reader, please find attached a picture of Ipswich town centre. You may be able to spot some snow a-fallin’.

[Pic: Is it a birch? Is it a pine? No! It’s a, er, Christmas tree!]

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