Tis the season

Well blast, if that’s not it for another year. Here come the sales, the general new year malaise of having to go back to work with nothing in particular to look forward to for a goodly while.

Spent last night with Les, Jen, David and Paul. In fact, I spent most of the day there (now I think about it). Had a great time, especially when it came to playing Risk: The Star Wars Clone Wars Edition (but with traditional Risk rules rather than the geeky, anally retentive Star Wars extended rules).

We took the opportunity to listen to Simon Amstell on Radio 2 whilst playing. My god, what a complete pile of shite that show was. The music was fine, but the bloke can’t present a decent radio show for toffee. It was like listening to some self-satisfied blathering egomaniac on a some community radio station. He has no clue about interviewing and equally no idea when to shut the hell up. If he’s the best they can get in to cover for Mark Radcliffe, then I pity the BBC. The only issue I have is that he’ll probably end up as some media darling.

After all, that’s what happens to most of the talentless bottomfeeders in this once-Great country (for reference, see the current pop-charts).


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