Radio slag

Being a media whore and not worried what you lot think, I went on the Simon Amstell show just now (despite my previous comments).

I won the quiz. Lalalalala! So there are some DVDs heading my way. Hurrah!

I expect you’ll want to listen to it. It’s more than likely available on Listen Again. Look for the Thursday 29th programme and then scroll in an hour-and-a-quarter. I’m second on, after the lovely jam-making Kate from Scotland.

One Response to Radio slag

  1. CaroSD says:

    Yeah, well done Mr “Merry”weather!! OOH – there’s also an Eddie Izzard thing. Samuel’s pointed out that if I listen to it, then that’s two shows on Radio 2 and that makes me a listener. The lady doth protest.

    Ooh and a Howard Goodall concert…

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