(that’s as in Poorlys rather than hundred-and-elevens, or Roman numeral ‘3’).

Sicknesses currently in residence:

1. Mother’s sleep apnea whilst under a general anaesthetic
2. My ear infection
3. Kate’s tonsilitis
4. Katie’s ulcerated throat
5. Colin’s probably late onset type-2 diabetes
6. Buz’s Man Cold

(These are in no particular order, but nevertheless, note that Buz’s Man Cold would still be number 6 if they were).


3 Responses to Ills

  1. wifey says:

    so, are you the bearer of bad news then? do people tell you their ills or do you decree it, because picking on Kate twice is just mean!

  2. Alf says:

    That’s KATE as in KR and KATIE as in KF.

    Wifey needs some new spectacles, methinks…

  3. Bert Jammin says:

    I will amend that list slightly to advise that Kate’s tonsilitus appears to be on the mend, replaced by an attack of migraine.

    Huzzah. Or not.

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