A list

Here is a list of things, inspired by a Collective email thread this week:

Mini Eggs, for they are evil and deserve to be eaten
Excellent meal out with catm, thankyouverymutsch
The Waifs
Battlestar Galactica season two, part two. Seriously superb sci-fi (shite, that’s me exposed as a cult-tv fan)
People who are impressed by my retro computer collection (oh yes, they exist!)

Getting up ridiculously early to cook breakfast for the men’s group (but it was a good ‘un)
My landlord
Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (it’s rubbish!!)
My Linux box (going to have a look at “Vista” and then shove “Fedora Core 5” on it when that arrives in May).
Lost (bollocks to you. After 24 weeks of watching you have given me NOTHING except for an unhealthy obesssion with Evangeline Lilly).
Grandpa Munster (for he shuffled off today)


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