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You know that email that’s going round at the minute? You know the one I mean. The one with the “look out for bad drivers, they’re the ones with flags on their cars”.

Stop sending it to me. I’ve seen it. I’ve read it. I appreciate it. I saw it before you did, in fact. I wrote it. I carried it in my womb. I hatched it from an egg. It spawned from me when I got some water on me.

Yes, they’re fuckwits for having the flags, let’s just ignore them. How about that? Eh? EH?

Actually I’ve got a great wheeze. I’m going to order up a couple of million German flags and then go around the country, removing the England flags and replacing them with the German ones.

Who’s in?


3 Responses to FW: fwd: re: Fw: fw: RE: >>

  1. facciadelbambino says:

    Send this comment to at least 10 of your friends and make a wish. If you do it will come true in ten minutes.

    It’s true, it really works.

    I wished for Blaine to drown in that big round thing, and he nearly did! Wow!

  2. Alf says:

    I actually got driven in a car with a flag on it yesterday, despite my chum knowing what I think of them.

    He’s so embarrassing (etc).

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