May 14, 2006

hello to the new reader.

I know that there is one, because I was talking to the new reader this evening.

And if you’re not sure it’s you, it is.


So sang Cliff Richard…

May 10, 2006

Congratulations to my erstwhile chum Buz and his wife, Mrs Buz!

For today Buz went through the agonising pain and hell of holding his wife’s hand/pacing up and down/butterflies in stomach whilst she calmly delivered their first baby at about 10:02 this very morning.

And what a beauty*!

A baby boy, 9lbs 13oz. Any doubts that this one isn’t anything to do with Buz can rest easy. At that size, he’s a cert to have the now famous Beeton DNA.

Mother and Baby doing well. Buz tired and shagged out after having to drive for 20 minutes to get to the hospital.

*Not seen him yet, so this could be a lie. I mean, you should see his dad. No oil painting is he. Oil slick, maybe…

Have now seen pics of the little tyke and rather thankfully he takes more after his mother than papa.
No name yet, so I have been calling him “Little Dennis” all night, after his grandad. Buz not happy.

Some things that happened today

May 9, 2006
  • Grandma got discharged from hospital following her hip replacement operation: Hurrah!
  • I didn’t nearly kill someone on the journey into work: Hurrah!
  • I listened to the Paul Simon album some more, I have ordered proper niceness from the States today as the UK doesn’t get a release until June 5th: Bah!
  • It turns out that the nasty skippiness on my cd is due to my ruddy CD/DVD writer: Bah!
  • The survey on my house came in the post today: Hurrah!
  • But my mortgage offer didn’t (despite my mortgage bloke saying it would): Bah!
  • However the tix for the Cambridge Folk Festival arrived today: Hurrah!
  • Kev managed to leave his wallet at work so I had to buy his weekly shop this lunchtime: Bah!
  • I found a caterpillar wandering out of my Tescos sandwich as I was eating it: Bah!
  • I ended up leaving work nigh on an hour late due to some idiot fucking Australian (it turns out that you don’t actually have to be intelligent to be a solicitor): Bah!

The wonders of things & stuff & things

May 8, 2006

Thanks to the wonders of things & stuff & things I have today been able to sample the new Paul Simon album. It’s good. The review in Sturge’s Uncut magazine rates it way above You’re the one, but then they started off by saying how much better Rhythm of the Saints is when compared to Graceland. Bloody music journos, what do they know? Did they mention Hearts and Bones? Pah.

But then I ain’t getting into an argument about it. I’m just happy it’s accessible and Sturge thinks it’s good.

In other news, Radio 2 Paul met Jack Bauer today, the lucky fecker.

I am excited

May 7, 2006

There is nothing I look forward to more in life than a new Paul Simon album.

My friends will tell you this is true.

And so I am almost unconcious with desperation (or is it the nosebleeds?) due to this. Of course, it would appear to have been produced by Brian Eno, so Christ knows what it’ll end up sounding like (apart from the free tracks on the web site), but I figure it’ll have to go a long way to beat his last 33rpm-er, You’re the one.

And please, please, please god, let him tour the UK…

Previously on boredofjam

May 7, 2006

This, dear reader, is Nicky from Avenue Q (the Muppet on the left, not the muppet on the right). Supposedly he looks like me. Which means he also looks like Quentin Tarantino. Anyone want to tell him that? No, didn’t think so.

[Pic: I don’t care how much it costs, just remove your other hand from it’s current lodging place…]

A case of mistaken identity (vol. 2)

May 7, 2006

Today, for the second time in my short life, I was told I look like Quentin Tarantino. Indeed, the person who came up to me and said had only managed to remind his wife who I am by actually putting on Pulp Fiction and playing her the scene at Jimmy’s house.

Then she realised who I am. So goes the story.

Now I guess I should be honoured by this. I mean, after all, he’s a very rich and influential man. But when people say things like “You look like Quentin Tarantino more than Quentin Tarantino does”, I have to take offence. After all, he is a rather ugly man.

[Pic: QT does his Arthur Dent impression]

I was also likened unto a new Sesame St Muppet character today. Although I have no details as to what this one is actually called, it was a rather good match. I curse myself for admitting it.