July 24, 2006

I appear to be in the process of being adopted by a cat.

He kinda wanders around my garden, lets himself into the kitchen, steals my food… that sort of thing. In fact I’ve just got back from yet-more-pc-fixing to discover “something” has been eating the barbecue charcoals from last night. Mainly the ones with the fish carcasses on them.

Poor thing, obviously rather peckish. I’ll make him some Weetabix in the morning.


Question is: do I allow myself to be adopted or do I spray him with water and shout things like “bugger off!”?

The Importance of being Media

July 21, 2006

Obviously, one doesn’t like to boast, but you may like to refer to the “influence” of The Thing Monthly in this article here.

I have no idea who added mention of the ol’ girl into the article, for it were not me (for a change). But it made me nigh on spit when I saw it. I am, officially, proud.

Your Sinclair, god how you are missed*!

* Even more so now that I’ve flung out all my old copies during the move to my new house. I expect I’ll be buying them all back off eBay in 10 years’ time for £500. Tsk.


July 19, 2006

Some would say welcome back, too. I’m sure you’ve been itching for me to get writing again. However seeing as how it’s headin’ on down to half-midnight, I just thought I’d welcome our new readers: The one from over yonder. And the other one who likes to cycle through red traffic lights. And get caught and fined for doing it.

There is a lesson for us all here: Do not break the law (if there is the chance there is a law enforcement officer nearby).

I’m sure Unc would always advise the same.

Dial up?

July 3, 2006

Dear Mr BT worker

You are a useless fucking fecknob.

Get your useless fucking finger out of your useless fucking arse and GET ME MY BROADBAND I WAS DUE TO HAVE ON JUNE 9th.

Your claim that it was enabled on June 22nd was A LIE.

Your claim that the fault would be looked at within 48 hours was A LIE.

The claim that you had dispatched an engineer today to look at the problem at the exchange would, and I think you can guess what’s coming, appear to be A LIE.

Fuck you and your organisation.

Love ‘n’ Hugs

Mr Alf boredofjam