Helping with enquiries

Yikes. Someone got stabbed outside my house on Saturday night and proceeded to bleed copiously over my front step and path as well as nextdoor’s wall, step and path.

Turns out it was a rum old do, and I was sat in my kitchen and there were ambulances, policemen, and, er, more policemen. And some ambulances.

The upsetting thing is that it doesn’t apear to have made any of the local news. Ach well.


5 Responses to Helping with enquiries

  1. UKSteve says:

    Hmm, that sort of behaviour in news reporters tends to mean such things are commonplace, and not as newsworthy as, say, ‘No-one getting stabbed last night.’

    Cheap, was it, your house?

  2. Alf says:

    It is now. Any offers, ONO.

    What really annoyed me about it was that on the Evening Star website (the journalistic equivalent of Paris Hilton) the top story was “Mad Axeman Attacks Post Office” (on Chantry, no surprises there) and the second story was “Man Not Hurt In Minor Accident On A12”.

    Where’s my stabbing???


  3. UKSteve says:

    I think that was me. In the accident, not the axeman – I definitely wasn’t hurt in that accident.

  4. Unc says:

    I will leave some business cards next time I see you.
    Just pop out in your PJ’s and hand them to passing knife weilding maniacs.
    Oh by the way it’s ‘No comment’ from then on.

  5. Unc says:

    That should be ‘i’ before ‘e’.

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