You’ll forgive my cynicism

about this.

So soon after this was announced.

But, meh. Good job Herr Blair started his holidays ok yesterday.


6 Responses to You’ll forgive my cynicism

  1. Unc says:

    Dubbya’s talking about Islamic Fascists. Is he confused or just muddled.
    Perhaps it’s just me.
    Well over my head……

  2. Alf says:

    Dubya talks about a lot of things.

    I don’t often implore people to watch things off the internet, but have a gander at this for it is lovely and just about sums up our Poor Confused Cousin George.

  3. facciadelbambino says:

    If the threat of attacks is ‘severe’, Attacks are ‘highly likely’. I think if attacks are highly likely, there should be say one every two days? Otherwise they’re just keeping me on high alert for no reason, right? I’ve not slept in weeks…

  4. facciadelbambino says:

    Until further notice, B.A has halted all flights to and from the U.K.

    B.A. announced “I ain’t getting on no ‘plane, you crazy fool”

  5. Alf says:

    OMG! Humour!

    (Usually it’s not allowed round here, but this time we’ll let you off).

  6. Unc says:

    The real reason is that John Reid wanted all the glory so waited for TB to go away.
    Now thats cynical!

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