things that have impressed me of late

A random list of things that have surprised me by their goodliness:

1. Customer support at WinRAR, fab. I recommend their products
2. Americana, specifically:
2(a) Johnny Cash
2(b) Alison Krauss
2(c) The Band (can I get a hell yeah?!)
3. Last night’s episode of Stargate
4. The speed at which my eBay order arrived last week
5. There was another customer service highlight, but I can’t remember who it was
6. The Ipswich Beer Festival (although that was a cert anyhoo)
7. Pizza, generally
8. The Bistro on the Quay
9. The ease with which you can purchase a lovely domain name these days
10. The vets Sparecat gets taken to. They think he’s great. He’s not costing them an arm and a leg
11. This


7 Responses to things that have impressed me of late

  1. bigbluesturge says:

    So what exciting new domain have you purchased this time?

  2. Alf says:

    Nah, haven’t bought one, just assisted a non-techy chum in the purchase of one.
    Was rather stunned at the price of .ie domains – €200 and up… for a year!

    (Prices correct at time of trying to remember how much they were).

  3. Unc says:

    (1) The blonde in Row R at The Regent on Friday.
    (2) The blonde in the Corsa who overtook me on the A12 and turned off to Whitham
    (3) Chantel de Meyer who is not blonde but so what
    (4) The lady in the Co op who told me the the service ‘gets better’ after work.(Ok, Yeah, she is blonde to)
    (5) Opps … comes the Wife (also blonde)

  4. Unc says:

    And, not wishing to be picky, but I have thought for a while that it should be Bored With Jam*.
    Waddya rekon?

  5. Paul says:

    It may be that alf is ‘of jam’. Whatever that means.

  6. Alf says:

    I do hope that you all spend time correcting the grammar from other written media.

    Things to note:
    * Atrocious use of the apostrophe
    * Inability to spell liaise
    * Mistaken use of “myriad”
    * &tc

  7. Alf says:

    Dear comment posters

    Stop posting my street name on tinternewt.


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