nickin’ stuff

Last weekend we (that’ll be me and them, and her and him and the dog) went into the countryside that surrounds Ipswich and nicked stuff off Mother Nature. It’s all for a dinner I’m cooking tonight, and I wanted some elderberries and some crab apples to make some jelly to go with the lamb I’ll be cooking later. Or Nic might. Or Ian. Dunno. However this meant a rather handsome ramble in the wilds of Suffolk-shyre to find said fruits. Being brave, I climbed the crab apple tree and cast down unto the ungrateful waiting masses choice apples that they could pick up from the floor. Indeed, here is a picture of a grinning idiot up a grinning idiot tree:

[Pic: Someone forgot to take his Ritalin today]

So after using gravity to assist in my tree-exit, us fine band of fine folks turned our attention to the elderberries a bit further up the track. There were plenty to take – and we left many more behind. It’s all very well knowing where to get the Good Free Stuff, but you should always ensure more people can enjoy the harvest.

Colin decided it would be a Grand Idea to take the circular route home. So we did. It was ace. If you think Ipswich is a dive (which, well, generally it is heading that way) check out the picture below. Taken on 7th October at about quarter-past three in the afternoon, I think you’ll find it the very epitome of loveliness.

[Pic: One day lad, all this will be yours…]

So finally we made our way back to Colin’s house where he treated us all to home-made cakes and mugs of tea from the World’s Largest Teapot(tm).

Everyone agreed it was a fine afternoon out. And then I woke up and it was all a dream. The end.


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