slcak i maybe

However you love the little ol’ grumpy feckwad that is me for it.

I’ve had my hair cut today.
I’m going to go into town.
I’m currently in the process of getting some hot Battlestar action.
Sparecat has just been in and had some fuss. This has involved him dribbling over my mouse, keyboard and desk. The Important Document Pile was moved before he grunged those up.
I really need to buy some new trainers and work shoes.

Meh, back to Slackland. Oh but I have to hang out washing. I think today is an indoors drying day by the looks of it.


4 Responses to slcak i maybe

  1. Unc says:

    Really,this is getting very tedious. I have been reading the same page for 2 weeks now.Unless something gets ‘Blugged’ son I will want my suscription refunded.
    Just in case u are bothered Tronx and I were delighted to see you and she last weekend.
    I have now met and pressed flesh with John Mayall so can die happy (but not just yet awhile).

  2. Unc says:

    Well it seems like I’m on me own then.
    Must bt ‘Unc’s Blog’ after all.
    Have had a very indulgent week really since Nef called in for a cuppa to visit me and the Tronx.
    Mr Boredojam was off to see Simon Garfield or someone at Wemberley.
    I took wifey to The Regent to see John Mayall on Tues (my treat really because he is my fave), and Jools on Friday. Both xcelant gigs.
    Last nite we went to The Arena and saw and heard Bruce Springgers. That was truly fab. Good ol’ country boy. great sound and a great ‘off yor ass’ gig.
    bit of pollytics as well.
    ‘You can fool all of the people sone of the time …etc said Abe Lincoln…but if you can fool enough of the people for long enough you can make a tragic fucking mess’ Amen to that.

  3. bigbluesturge says:

    Yo, Unc!
    Good to see *somebody* posting stuff round here. ;o)
    Highly jealous of the Boss gig; I’ve never been that big a fan of Brooce, but the Seeger sessions album is a blast, and the gig they had on BBC4 a while back looked like a riot. How long did he play for? (His gigs are legendary for being, like, weeks long, aren’t they?)
    Incidentally, which particular tragic mess did you have in mind (there are do many to choose from these days….)?

  4. Unc says:

    This is like the BoJ Chatroom, but at least it is encoraging to know that it’s not just me who looks for our Bloggers latest-(and shares my disappointment when there is nothing there).
    The Springsteen thing was a good 2 and a half hours without a break so was value in itself. The Seeger Band are excelent and good ol’ Brucie was clearly at home with them. Brass, banjo and fiddles. The review in the Evening Standard gave it 5/5 which is pretty spot on from where we were sitting.
    The political remark was BS reflecting on the mid term elections and the fact that a ‘degree of sanity’ has been restored. That is when he gave – and added to- the Abe Lincoln quote which the audience appreciated.
    Come Alf we are missing you. (Excuse us for talking amongst ourselves.)There might be lines on the leaves but I got a season ticket! Yo!

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