I’ve got a patch on the carpet in my front room (the lounge for those of a posh nature) which is quite remarkably damp for something that is inside. In order to discover what this might be, for it’s not teh Sparecat, honest, I have blackmailed Buz and Mrs Buz over at the weekend to take a look. And besides, he’ll bring his cool-tools toolbox with him so I can pretend at being a Real Man while he’s not looking.

Buz’s suspicions first fell to the cat. Which it isn’t. And then to me.  Which it isn’t. And then, when all the most likely scenarios were covered, to the damp-proofing/garden outside level.

Which it appears to be.

Damn him, correct in this matter and he can program a computer like a pro (but then that’s his job, so he’d better be able to do it).


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