nice trip out

I hear on the news that the Pope is to visit the turkeys before they all get eaten at Christmas.

I’ve not heard anything concrete, but assume that he’ll be off to see Bernard Matthews to offer blessings around the “bootiful” Narrfarrk Toykees.

“May the Lord be with you,” the Pope’ll say, before Bernard replies, “And tender to chew.”


5 Responses to nice trip out

  1. spanglyspecs says:

    Boo – that is so low quality it brings tears to the eyes.

    Hey guess what, since you’ve got a missing blog cookoo (where has unc gone?)… still ‘fat’ (aka pregnant) and it’s sodding December tomorrow. Wanted it here by then!
    Shows how kids mess with the old ‘life plan’! And we all know how stressed I get when that happens normally.


  2. Alf says:

    Unc is here somewhere…

  3. Furtivesneekyperson says:


  4. Alf says:

    It’s ok.
    They can’t see what I can see when I admin blog site.
    Your secret’s safe with me…

  5. Unc says:

    Cuvva blown…
    I be and had a look at the noo Blog incognito.
    Neva mind hey
    UNC’s bak !

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