there’re none as so blind #1

November 25, 2006

It would appear (although I could be wrong, stuff’s a little out of focus) that I am £253 more blind than the last time I went to the opticians.

New specs, new lenses, and to cap it all off, a “special coating” that (I am told) I neeeeeed.

I have a nasty feeling it’s not the Colonel’s special secret recipe.



November 24, 2006

“My dear,” said the detective, looking at Mrs Smethwyke across the room, “I find your obsession with Hungarian stew to be most distasteful, utterly sickening, and rather goulash to say the least.”

bond not as sucky as i first suspected

November 24, 2006

I’ll stump up a review at some point.

My evil little eyes – always looking out for “film” uses of computer – noted that MI6 appear to use Linux. What with the film being choc-full of product placement (and jolly ol’ Branson turning up in yet another cameo), couldn’t Microsoft have stumped up some cash for a product placement?

In Casino Royale, there’s a great scene which goes:

Vesper: Nice watch… Rolex?
Bond: No, Omega.

Surely to God, I asked my chum Clare, an Agent in the Evil Empire, there has to be a Bill-sponsored equivalent in the next film?

Bond: Q, I hope that my top secret files will be stored securely. Preferably within an OS that allows everyone, from Novice to Computer Genius to get the most power and enjoyment from their desktop or laptop computer. I hear Linux is quite handy these days.
Q: Nonsense Bond, Vista’s where it’s at. And with all the backoffice functions running on Longhorn Server, we’re impregnable to any threat. Pah! Those Linux advocates! Tofu-eating, sandal wearing, beardy tree huggers to a man!
Bond: Ah, dangerous communists you mean?
Q: Exactly!

my cat’s got no nose

November 23, 2006

How does he smell?

Like shite.

Yay! It’s Sparecat’s bathtime… watch this space, it could be gory.

so retro

November 23, 2006

Thrust is not only something that Rif-Raf would expect you to do pelvicly, but also a tasty game released somewhere around 198something (Buz, when was it? – Ed). It is now the subject of a remake in the form of Thrust Extreme

Is nice. You have my permission to go play.

up from the valleys

November 22, 2006

Greetings Mr Jones.

Thank you for your kind comments on the emails.

I apologise that you can’t understand what I rant on about (especially the whole Wii thing).

Stay tuned and it’ll all clear up (like acne).


November 22, 2006

This wouldn’t be boredofjam if I didn’t mention Adama and his boys and girls occasionally.

At the moment I am quite deliciously behind on watching series 3 of the big BSG. This evening, however, I finally caught up with episode Number Six (get the reference, ho ho?). Only another two to squeeze in before Friday brings the next one.

Obviously I don’t want to spoiler anything, but mmmmm-Mmmm.