teh g33k insomniac

December 27, 2006



2.00 Minimum Service Pack requirement before running a Microsoft operating system

3.00: Windows 3.0, how I hated you

3.11: Ah, the first version of Windows with proper networking and a decent print spooler

3.51: NT, built on NT technology

4.00: The DOS they don’t admit to, and NT with added Win 95 GUI

4.50: The other DOS they don’t admit to

5.00: Ah, the DOS they called “the last version of DOS”

6.00: Ah, the DOS they called “really the last version of DOS”

7.00: The version of DOS “under” Windows 95


ASC(7) ASC(7) ASC(7)


christmas post #1

December 22, 2006

Just heard from from one of my contacts at Microsoft.

The release date of their new application, MS Santa 2006, is delayed until December 26th.

Luckily for us it will contain a new communications transport protocol – REINdeer – which allows small packets to be combined into one, larger carrier (codename SACK technology) which is then grouped with other similar data along the sLeighr-IDE and down the Chimney port.

* Anything sent via MS Santa 2006 is not compatible with Exchange until January 6th when the main sales rush is over.
* Not compliant with Apple’s Isanta or Red Santa Hat Linux
* Packet loss is expected when using MS Santa late.
* Testing has demonstrated that a mince pie and a glass of sherry help MS Santa to run efficiently.


December 10, 2006

Congratulations to Bigbluesturge and his wifey, er, Wifey, on the arrival of another mouth to feed.

Yes indeed, whilst Friday failed to bring me my Wii, Isabelle Rain* was brought into this world, a little sister for Eleanor.

Lucky for them that neither me, catm or my dad got the birth weight right as the prize on offer was to name the little ‘un.

*spelling of name to be cleared up when mother and father are less shattered.

amazon you bunch of feckwads

December 8, 2006

You useless bunch of stains.

Not only have you not yet dispatched my Wii (despite me paying for it to be delivered ON THE DAY OF RELEASE when you first took pre-orders), you then have the fucking audacity to send me an email this morning telling me that you’ve “discovered” some more Wii consoles, they’ll be on sale between 3 and 4pm, and wouldn’t I like to buy one?

Fuck off you cunts.

If I wasn’t cashing in an Amazon voucher to get this thing I’d cancel the fucking order. Now get your stinking fingers out and drive down here with my games console otherwise there will be a meeting of your offices and my bottle of petrol/matches.

got milked?

December 4, 2006

Me I got a parking ticket this weekend. For parking outside my own house. Which is, I’ll admit, a single yellow line, but there was nowhere else to park as people without parking permits were taking up the Permit Holders Only parking bays.

Grr. Wankers.

Feel free, in this season of goodwill, to send me cash to help me stump up for the fine.