got the wind

The fence along the south side of my extensive plot of land fell over yesterday.  But!

It may not be my fence. I dunno. The posts are mid-fence with the panels running between them. I have dispatched a minion to find the land deeds for Chez Boredofjam.

Mr Colin has promised a visit to survey the damage and prepare his invoice, mentally, whilst standing in my garden drinking a large coffee enhanced with a generous slug of my finest cooking whisky.


3 Responses to got the wind

  1. Bunc says:

    Well, Dear Boy, Young Fella me-lad, Ah…
    Sounds likey legal, Ooh Yes indeed. In ‘Deed’ it is, or not, or maybe open to a little interpretating. Now. Yes, where is the ledger?
    Ahem, if there are ‘T’ marks on the plans it might be Mr Colin being careless with his mug.
    (Oh, Guineas please, not those continental Uro things.
    Oh, our mission statement is “Making the law work for you”. For a modest fee of course)
    Dum de dum de de da dum. An ill wind indeed.
    Da de dum de da.

  2. BigBlueWifey says:

    Bunc – you feeling quite rightly?
    Me thinks you’ll be needing to drink a drop less of boredofjam’s tea in future. That there cooking whiskey has done for the braincell/s!

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