testing times

My dear colleagues have to put up with a lot of old toot from me at work when testing faults in the Microsoft Office Suite (not that there are any, honest. It’s all good stuff, go buy it).

Here’s an example I’ve just put together and sent to Stuart to test a reported fault where the Unread Mail count is increasing when a Draft is saved or a message is automatically deleted without being read

Hello STUpert the Bear (everyone knows his name)

always a pleasure to see you young man. I often wish that I was you because of your rugged good looks and nice collection of jumpers and cardigans. I once bought a creme egg when I was young and put it in my back pocket. swiftly forgetting it was there I then decided to go for a bicycle ride in the countryside for the afternoon. these were the days of long, hot English summers when kids were allowed outside before Sony said that they weren't allowed out because they had to play on the playstation and eat pringles, pizza and Mars before dying of heart disease at age 17 due to overloading their systems with coca cola and red bull (it gives you wings cos you die and turn into an angel if you drink too much of it). anyway I soon found the creme egg on my return home as it had melted in my back pocket and filled it with goo and foil.

it's not a very interesting story, but at least it's an email that will go into my drafts folder so I can see what happens to my unread count.


One Response to testing times

  1. Unc says:

    Gosh, is THAT the time?!?!

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