test ie7

Test 1:
Does it connect to the internet? Yes.

Test 2:
Do web pages display in the window (not beside it, under it, to the left of it (etc))? Yes.

Test 3:
Do the web pages look a bit shonkier in IE7 than in IE6/Firefox (etc)? Yes.

Past test 3, I’m stuck as to what to suggest to my boss as to good things to check in IE7. Any help to the usual address (etc).


One Response to test ie7

  1. BigBlueSturge says:

    Fundamentally, I reckon M$ *might* have taken the trouble to check that it might have, y’know, *worked* before they released the damn thing. What is one person meant to find that an army of volunteer beta testers working 24/7 for months, didn’t?
    Just check that the company home-page works and leave it at that.

    Alternatively, use it as an excuse to just surf for a few days, just to “make sure”.

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