look out for that brown hole, doctor!

March 31, 2007



pet owners beware

March 28, 2007


and so it starts

March 23, 2007

Did I mention the red pen I got?



My mum says it’s just a phase.

I like to call it my faze rouge.

ps3, the playstation the third

March 23, 2007

It interests me to notice that you are still unable to simply go and buy a Wii from a shop. But on my jaunt to Tescos in Colchester a rather desperate display (although not quite as desperate a display as Sony handing out of free HD tvs to h4rdc0R3 g4|\/|3r5 last night) caught my eye.

Nigh on stacked to the ceiling were boxes promising the idiot Sony fanboys their newest masturbatory fantasy, the cheap Freeview-box styled behemoth, Playstation 3.

There were even some rather embarrassed looking Tescos employees standing around hoping to hold back the crowds. It was more telling that the Gardening implements display was getting more interest than the £424.76 “bargain”. Dotted around here and there were splendid games for the newest next-gen console, including Sonic Hedgehog. Which is brand new. And not ever seen before. Ever. Well, certainly not for £46 a pop. And that appears to be 15% more than the Sony-promised “all games will be 40-quid before discounts”.

So, there’s no hurry. You’ve plenty of time to save up the £600 you’ll need to get the base unit, a couple of games, an extra controller (and an extra charging cable on top of that) a Blu-Ray movie and an HDMI cable.

Next generation? Pah.

now in color!

March 22, 2007

I got a new pen, today, at work.

It’s a red one. This means that I can start drawing pictures with gruesome overtones.

However, to kick off with I’ve drawn an evil version of Postman Pat’s van.


so 1998

March 21, 2007

I went and had my colour chart done.

The lady said I should just wear black cos I’m a “miserable winter”.

(At least that’s what I think she said, she was speaking rather softly).

(- sings -)

March 21, 2007

If I ruled the world
Every day would be
The first day of Spring!

Hey! Turns out that I rule the world today. What can I get you folks?

bought some dirt

March 20, 2007

Gonna grow me some spuds and carrots.

Any other suggestions for some cool veg to grow?

(Bear in mind that my garden is 17-feet square (more or less) and the potatoes will be grown in an old water-butt, with the carrots in a few smaller plant pots here and there).

on the scrounge

March 19, 2007

I noted, with interest, that the latest issue of SFX magazine (as usual, its logo set on the cover so it looks like it’s actually called “SEX” – the sci-fi geeks love that) has some free Dr Who fridge magnets to go along with a feature on the forthcoming series.

I cannot bring myself to buy the Joss Whedon wankmag, so if anyone out there has a spare set of magnets and doesn’t mind photocopying the article on Dr Who, get in contact.


am going slightly mad

March 16, 2007

(Freeform Jazz time)

Went to the supermarket last night
Bought a lot of stuff
Got to the checkout
Hadn’t got my wallet

Luckily, and quite coincidentally,
Colin was in the queue behind me
So he paid
Praise God for Colin!