shine on you crazy, er, beryl

BigBlueSturge an’ I have been messing about with Linux recently.

For me, it’s a love/hate thing.

For BigBlue, it’s a “I’ll be bollocksed if I’m paying Microsoft for another XP licence” thing.

I’m going with the old favourite, Fedora Core, whilst he’s off with his fancy-Dan Ubuntu mash-up.

Not that this is a geek challenge, but I’ll wager my Linux IBM T40 laptop has nicer things on it than his desktop. Here is a list of eleven things that I can do on my machine:

  1. Watch DVDs, Windows Media files or any other media file through VLC
  2. Run KDE or Gnome (or any other Window Manager)
  3. Play Spectrum games
  4. Play ScummVM games
  5. Use MSN, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc
  6. Grab Torrents with kTorrent
  7. Log in as root
  8. Run Windows applications through Wine
  9. Read and write to NTFS partitions
  10. That’ll do

The cream de la creme though, is this Beryl thingy which allows lovely desktop effects which Vista can only dream of. Er, sorry, of which Vista can only dream. You want your desktops on a rotating cube (well, duh, who doesn’t?), the windows to wibble when you drag them around, transparent titlebars plus an incredible array of other amazing eyecandy? Then you want, nay, need* to install a Linux distro and plonk Beryl on it.

My plan is to see how it all goes with the laptop and then – then my friends – comes the switch to Linux on the desktop. Again. I did it for 6 months about a year and a half ago.

But maybe this time it’ll stick.



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