bought some dirt

March 20, 2007

Gonna grow me some spuds and carrots.

Any other suggestions for some cool veg to grow?

(Bear in mind that my garden is 17-feet square (more or less) and the potatoes will be grown in an old water-butt, with the carrots in a few smaller plant pots here and there).

on the scrounge

March 19, 2007

I noted, with interest, that the latest issue of SFX magazine (as usual, its logo set on the cover so it looks like it’s actually called “SEX” – the sci-fi geeks love that) has some free Dr Who fridge magnets to go along with a feature on the forthcoming series.

I cannot bring myself to buy the Joss Whedon wankmag, so if anyone out there has a spare set of magnets and doesn’t mind photocopying the article on Dr Who, get in contact.


am going slightly mad

March 16, 2007

(Freeform Jazz time)

Went to the supermarket last night
Bought a lot of stuff
Got to the checkout
Hadn’t got my wallet

Luckily, and quite coincidentally,
Colin was in the queue behind me
So he paid
Praise God for Colin!


March 14, 2007

I intend to document (that’s the word I was looking for, Sturge) the steps I go through to install Linux on the new desktop pc I’m about to purchase.

Just so I can remember what I installed and when.

today’s favourite hobby

March 14, 2007

I promise never to make any more fake Windows error messages after this one:


windows errers

March 14, 2007

Bertjammin sent a mail round today featuring some comedy MS Windows error messages.

So I created one of my own. It’s teasingly accurate. I think.


 I shall order my new Linux desktop machine today.

advertising whoredings

March 13, 2007

D’ya see what I did there? Do ya? You might have previously thought I was good, but I believe I’ve gone that one step further along the pun highway in your mind to arrive at the little town of Comedy Liquid Goldsville, USA.

In previous days, when man was a more simpler creature, there used to be a trend in advertising to use ruddy great big building-sized boards along the side of the road to shout out your product’s message.

In Ipswich, we used to have hundreds of them, stretching away into the distance spouting forth their carefully-worded advertising-speak. These days, now that man is a more educated… er… thing… we have about four of them left. Plus a half-a-one if you count the “Fire and Ice” Christmas promo which features an ugly bird in a little “Santa” outfit. It’s by the Yeah Man Bridge* should you wish to go see it. But you don’t.

Satisfyingly,  and creeping ever nearer the point to this post, I pass two-and-a-half of these boards on my way to work.  The main two are on Grimwade Street, where Unc once spent some time up against it at the Civic College.  Up to a few days ago one of these hoardings was proudly displaying a classy pictorial for Marks and Spencer.

It featured a ‘lovely’ in some M&S clothes and was a most considered distraction from the week-a-day morning slog into the office.

Now I spot that this ad, which was nigh on high art to the considered opinion of BigBlueSturge and I, has been replaced with a badly montaged picture of a Land Rover and an old aeroplane, apparently both travelling at quite some speed if the ‘speed lines’ are to be believed, literally inches away from each other.

Except the Land Rover doesn’t have a driver. Go look.