a’venturin out #2 – caroline

You are on an adventure.
Paths leads to the North, West and South.
To the East you can see a very high wall.

There is a bag of gold here.

What will you do?

> Well I'm presuming I can see the bag of gold as I know it's there so it must be at the bottom of the wall where I can see it. There's no mention of any obstacles so I reckon I'd go over pick it up and then wander off towards the shops to the south.

The well is not here!

You see the bag of gold.

You go south.

You are in a beautiful garden. To the west is a shed.
Other exits are South and North.

You see a fountain.

> Where's the well come from??
I told you I've taken my bag of gold and gone to the shops to the south. I must be sat on a bench in the beautiful garden with my starbucks chai tea latte and bags of shoes.

What a lovely day.

I think I'll leave by the exit to the south, go home and unpack my shopping. I'll then go and find my friends Warg Algernon Timms, Charlie Hunter, and Oliver Ulysses Tythe for our picnic with lashings of Ginger Beer.

(Said Buz: It is apparent that Caroline has never played a text-based adventure game.

(Said Alf: Ho yus

(Said Caroline: you didn’t need me to have written anything to know that! You’re only jealous cos my game has gone on longer :o) )


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