joke* (*all jokes subject to sense of humour)

Tarzan goes into the programming business. He’s bored with the jungle, speaking with the animals and swinging through the trees so decides that a life behind a desk coding office applications is what he needs.

He waves goodbye to all his good animal friends, the elephants, the lions, the tigers and the snakes and hits the road to the big city.

On the way he spots that he’s being followed by a maccaw, and as he’s feeling lonely and a bit homesick he decides that he’ll let the bird come along with him.

They get on famously well, Tarzan teaching his new pet all kinds of amusing phrases along the journey.

Eventually, they make it to the city and Tarzan stuns many computer experts with his skillful programming and knowledge of back office systems, and the maccaw is a hit with everyone in the office. Tarzan is, of course, hired immediately and asked to join a team working on a new system incorporating encryption of customers’ details.

Everything is going well and everyone agrees that they’ve never seen such expertly crafted code.

Suddenly, there is a commotion coming from Tarzan’s office. A terribly squawking noise. People rush from their rooms to see what’s happening and witness Tarzan forcefully pushing the maccaw into the CD ROM drive of his computer. The feathers are everywhere and the noise is horrible. Eventually they stop the abuse of the poor bird and calm is restored.

When asked why he was doing it, Tarzan shrugs and says “Tarzan write new encryption routine. Needs parity bit.”


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