bob dylan plays wembley; unc plays out

I guess Bob is “like a rolling stone” these days as they’re all as old as the hills.

This didn’t stop almost-as-old Unc going along and seeing the Robert Zimmerframe and his band. Spurred on by the utterly atrocious review written for one of the Sunday broadsheets*, Unc took time out from his hectic schedule of protecting the innocent to write a concert review for boredofjam. We pass you now to the hi-tech of Unc’s 1920 IBM Typing Machine 2:

Venue - Wembley Arena

Artist(e) - Bob Dylan

Date - 17th April 2007

Well it was a privilege and a 'onor to have been at the same place as this legendary legend of acoustic electric rock folk, folks.
Admittedly he is getting on a bit and the gig did not start until 8:30 pm but he did a whole set and an on-core without a comfort break.
The band were excellent which gave the backdrop to some classic Dylan songs presented in a distinctive, brittle, gravelly but familiar vocal style. The new arrangements allowed, and suited, a degree of minimalist vocal rendition but every note and phrase exuded pure quality.
Uncle Bob was playing like a veteran on the guitar, keyboards and harmonica.
He presented as a slight impassive figure in grey suit, 3/4 length jacket and wide brimmed hat but has lost none of his charisma.
The line up was a good mix of traditional folk songs and Dylan classics. Rolling Stone; Watchtower; Highway 61, and some new stuff. (Buy the album). The whole gig was just shy of 2 hours but everyone appreciated the occasion and we all joined in with the classic refrains. At the end we were all part of the collective feeling of relief that he made it through the performance without any obvious medical support.
Yes, dear reader it was an evening well spent.
Even more so that someone else paid for the tickets.

* As I said to Unc at the time:
There was a review of Robert Dylanesque in the Torygraph today (they’d run out of Timeses) and it really didn’t say anything at all. It gave him a five out of five, but it just rambled on about how Dylan seems to
reinvent himself oocasionally – look here he is writing a book; in a film; on the radio. What was the concert like? Well, he sang a bit and didn’t say anything between the songs. 5/5. Done job.


2 Responses to bob dylan plays wembley; unc plays out

  1. unc says:

    Gosh…I’m famous…

  2. Alf says:

    Unc: He’s the People’s Unc. The Unc of our Hearts. HRH Unc (etc).

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