silver anniversary

Can it really be 25 years since I first met you, oh Speccy of my heart?

Edit: And a telly-thing too.

Edit #2: Bertjammin sayeth:

Quote from Matt (who has the dubious privilege of sitting opposite me):

“I wet myself with excitement when I saw that the speccy was 25 years old, then cringed with discomfort when I realised I was only allowed one sheet of tissue to clean myself with afterwards.” (For thems not in the know, it’s a mash-up of the previously mentioned sexy Speccy news and Sheryl Crowe’s easy-clean arse.)


One Response to silver anniversary

  1. unc says:

    I used the Star. One sheet was pleanty.
    Now I read the e edition it is not so absorbant tho (but don’t get the print on yer keks).

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