computering pow-ah!

Friend of boredofjam, Microsoft Clare, will tell you about the usual ribbing I give her when it comes to Microsoft’s latest FrankenOS of NT Technology (technology) and Fisher Price colouring-book Front End (technology).

However I’ve recently made a purchase of a new computer (figured the last one should be replaced after 3 years or so) and shoved a healthy slice of memory (just the 4gb) and a nice Nvidia 8600 GT XXX thingy into it (supposedly this thing runs fast, and it didn’t set me back the GDP of a small African country).It’s got that Vista program on it at the moment, but if the chap on eBay gets his finger out, it’ll soon have a tasty 64-bit Linux distro on it. Probably.

So this beast is sitting next to me, side off, new stuff installe, old hard-drives hanging out of the side of it as there’s not enough power/data cables for me to have all the things I want inside, inside. If you see what I mean. However it’s mostly silent. Which is ace.

Fingers crossed that I can get a more powerful PSU and some extra connections squeezed into the Dell-sized box…


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