who watches the watchers?

Turns out – I do.

The guys who look after the security side of work’s computers, access to the internet, that sort of thing, sit just over there. And so that means that I can see what they’re doing. And mainly what they’re doing is looking through the list of sites which have been blocked by the “clever” naughtiness sensing software.

I think from the time they take over this part of their job, it must be mighty important to ensure that there aren’t any “false positives” in the list… however I’d put money on the fact that there are positively some falsies they’ve been looking at.

(D’ya see what I did there? It’s about titties… you know… implants.  Oh never mind).


2 Responses to who watches the watchers?

  1. unc says:

    Bigger Pipe
    The man has done my upgrade. I asked for a bigger ‘chip’ up to 2 gigs.
    He did ring to say that there was only one ‘slot’.
    I said that one ‘slot’ is good enough for me.
    My ram is much enlarged as a result.

  2. unc says:

    Yo! (by the way)

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