further spectrum zx wonders

I was up all hours last night. Mainly due to two things, one being very cold feet.

In my reverie, I finally replied to a mail sent by J Nash ((Meat butcher to the gentry)(Funerals arranged on request)) and, as I’m still celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the ZX Spectrum, I did some research on emulators* which work under Vista and cheat modes for Manic Miner.

I came up trumps on both accounts and have acquired a 30 day trial of Spectaculator 6.3**, as well as the cunning secret code which allows free access to any of the 20 lethal caverns in MM.

It was during my search for the cheat code that I found out about the ZX Spectrum Orchestra. They are on a site called You Tube. Look them up. They also have an album totally created on various pieces of hardware associated with the rubber keyed wonder. Music played by the beeper of the 16/48k, or the AY chip of the 128k models, vocal talent supplied by the Currah [micro]Speech add-on.

Indeed, at 12:30 this morning it seemed to me to be a totally fabulous thing, the video for the track “$^” being online to view, so I bought it.  I’ll review it presently.

Further related You Tube watching discovered: a video of a Speccy running at 14Mhz; a walkthrough of Manic Miner; the “secret” desert island screen on Jet Set Willy 2; various videos of games loading (who is more sad? the person videoing it or me for watching it?); and more! Why not check out your favourite retro machine on Goofle’s ubiquitous billion dollar law-suit attractant?

* I also saw a picture of emulator genius Gerton Lunter. Who knew?
** I may even register the damned thing.


2 Responses to further spectrum zx wonders

  1. Unc says:

    Yo! What a night you mustuv had!
    I could have brought my Atari XE and had a foursome.

  2. Alf says:

    Dear me, an Atari. How terribly common of you.

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