biscuit mentalism

My colleague, Stu, has recently “come out” as a crazy man.

In an idle office-based chat, he declared that “Rich tea biscuits with butter on them is luuuvly”.

I scoffed at this assertion, but Stu has clung on to the vague hope that somewhere out there is someone else with the same ideas as him.

Finally, he found this place, which he believes puts everything straight and absolves him of any accusations of insanity.

But what does he know? He’s mad.


3 Responses to biscuit mentalism

  1. STu says:

    It’s fabbotastic!

  2. Alf says:

    Readers, see what I mean? What sane man would come up with the word “fabbotastic”?

  3. dkjab says:

    I’m an ex-pat living in Denmark. The Danes do this all the time. Rich Tea or Marie biscuits mainly. Maybe hes got a bit of viking in him (or has had some at some point….ooerr missus).

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