been a while

Back in the day, when I was young and Paul McCartney didn’t so obviously dye his hair, I worked as a graphic designer. I wasn’t an specially good one, but I kinda grasp which colours go together and the importance of white space in a decent design.

I got to learn all about the printing biz, how to scan nicely and how they like things laid out at the printers. I also got to play with Photoshop, PageMaker, Office and QuarkXpress.

And that’s where I found out how much I love using Quark.

I’d spent my entire university career using Aldus PageMaker on a laptop, laying out the Thing Monthly, a ludicrous idea for a student magazine I came up with after drinking too much Baileys one afternoon. So when I went to work for John Alborough back in – god – early 1995, I was put in front of my workstation and told to lay out my first “professional” magazine in Quark. It took quite a lot of learnin’ to get it right, but I got there in the end and now, all these years later, I can use Quark to what I like to describe as a “basic” level.

So it is a pleasure, despite my continued grouching, every year to be allowed to dust down the old gal and produce a leaflet for Jen and her cronies for the Suffolk Show.

This year, as you will be aware, I have replaced my computer and *cough* “upgraded” to Windows Vimto. This, of course, means that my lovely copy of Quark won’t work. It seems that version 6 is not happy with Vimto.

And nor am I.

Because version 7.2 of QuarkXpress (which is guaranteed to work with Bill’s Beast) will set me back $749. Which, at the current exchange rate, is about £360 Sterling. But not according to Quark. Their grey-suited accountants seem to think that a Dollar is currently worth a Pound. Yes, laydeesangennlemnn, QXP 7.2 in the UK costs £749.

Whaaat? I appear to have found the Anti-bargain. If only they’d priced it at £666, we’d have spotted it earlier and alerted the nearest Vicar.


3 Responses to been a while

  1. Paul says:

    A dollar IS worth a pound.

    Get with it bitch.

  2. unc says:

    Well Vesta is very pretty, but like a lot of PYT’s (pretty young things) is an absolute bitch to work with, if it dislikes any software or hardware thats not had the Bill seal of approval.
    My PYT has never heard of my graphics card. Well it is ATI. The Vesta upgrade manager did say it was not sure about it.
    Free to a good’n. (PYT that is).
    Gimmie Lindy Lohan anytime!

  3. Unc says:

    Unc has found for you a QuarkXPress 7 (Vesta ect) on Amazon 4 £98.99 new.
    Me thinks he protests too much.

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