punch his piggy eyes

Having seen the UK versions of the PC/Mac campaigns, I thought it would be impossible for the self important one out of Mitchel(l) and Web(b) to be even more self-pleasingly proud of himself than when he’s acting out the role of a piece of computer hardware.

I was wrong. I’ve handily highlighted the chap in question, just in case you miss the man I’m talking about. Check it:


The other fellow looks totally excited in a nine-year-old-on-a-school-trip-what-sarnies-have-you-got? way.

Mr Smug appears to have borrowed Rod Hull’s fake Emu arm and is no doubt pleasuring himself as the picture is taken.


One Response to punch his piggy eyes

  1. Paul says:

    I do like how it says UNCATEGORIZED on the right of this page. Your tags must all be out of whack.

    RIght yeah those mac pc adverts are a loads of terrible, they are full of lies and I’m terribly disappointed in the Porp Shoe men for doin em. Shame.

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