counting up the pills

June 30, 2007

Thank you for coming back home to boredofjam.

I’ve been poorly.

Over the last month I’ve taken:
56 x Sodium penicillin tablets
84 x penicillin VX tablets
at least:
32 x ibuprofen tablets
16 x dispersable aspirin
32 x paracetamol
32 x Merocaine sweets
1 x bottle of DequaSpray
1 x piss in a bottle which revealed nothing to the medical professionals who analysed it
20 – 30 x pots “Bio Active” yogurt
5 x 2 litre bottles of squash
15 x litre cartons of sugar-free cranberry juice drink
along with:
herbal remedies a-go-go
vitamin C capsules.

And yes, I fuckin’ rattle.