serious news

There is loads of stuff that is wrong with this world, and what I’m going to do – for this post – is to ignore it and rant about the bloody stupid Catherine Tate/Dr Who thing.

Russell T. Davros? You utter frickin’ moron. You are the moron’s moron. Your inability to write a coherent and satisfying storyline is surpassed only by the blithering ineptitude of your casting decision here.

The fanboys on the Outpost Gallifrey website are pretty much split down the middle, with a where’d-that-come-from-can’t-you-do-maths? 20% sitting on the fence.

Let’s look at the evidence:

1. Most important: She’s not eye candy
2. Most important: She’s not a very good actor, and certainly not “one of Britain’s greatest talents”
3. Most important: She’s not actually very funny when in comedienne mode
4. The character, Donna, was so extraordinarily annoying. If TTW* is playing the same woman as in The Runaway Bride episode, it’s going to make season four of DW utterly unwatchable after the first episode. If the character has changed, then there is no reason to have brought her back, you could have had anyone. A new character Russell! But then that would have meant having to have come up with a, er, new character. And as we can tell, you’re not so hot on that…
5. I did wonder if the Doctor is autistic. Maybe he can only trust five people: Rose, Cap’n Jack, Martha, Donna, Sally Sparrow.
6. Ah, Sally Sparrow. Pretty. Intelligent. Wears a long scarf. Ideal Dr Who material.

Pretty much everyone on the BBC’s Have Your Say site has been “Wtf?”, “Noooooo!”, “Wtf?”, “Wtf?” (etc) but the geeks “true fans” have been “Dr Who should never play it safe with its characters, this’ll add a new dynamic to the show.”

Sure it shouldn’t “play it safe”, but equally it shouldn’t play it “fucking stupid” either. The only dynamic I can see the show adding is to my Saturday nights: I’ll get 50 minutes of my evenings back from next Easter.

Edit: *TTW: That Tate Woman


3 Responses to serious news

  1. unc says:

    Well I heard that Ms Tate is only the half of it.
    Dr Who will also be joined by………………………….and boy please keep this to yourselves because it is a huge secret……………………………………………
    Toni (game for a war) Blair.
    Now thats qualitie.

  2. Steve says:

    You put that so much more eloquently than I. Probly still would have been better off staying nigh on dead, mind.

  3. Alf says:

    Steve, the world is only as excellent as it is because you are alive. To think of it without you… well… it chills me to the bone.

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