noapic wtf?

August 31, 2007

Damn you Fedora and your crazy kernel… seems I have to pass the parameter ‘noapic’ if I actually want this fecker to boot.


gamering news

August 31, 2007

Most recently I have been playing Resident Evil 4 on the boredofjam Wii. It rules, much like it did on the Gamecube, only I’ve got further this time (and with the lovely Wiimote in action it means I can aim better to shoot the heads of them zombie fellas).

I happened upon a trailer for Mario Galaxy (name may differ, I’m getting old now so I can get away with saying things like my grandad did when I was young, like “Can I have a go on Jet Set Miner?” and “I’m world champion at Jumping Horace on Skis.”) and it looks like a complete and utter mind-melter.

Also, I’m a touch embarrassed to admit that, apart from the HD telly demo disc they run in Tescas with the lovely ladies in bikinis, the thing that grabbed my attention was a trailer for Boogie. I guess it’s a bit like those dance mat games crossed with Singstar, but not being a true-honest-to-goodness gamer I may well just be talking out of my rump ‘ole.

And, of course Tomb Raider Anniversary is out in time for Christmas. Chalk me up for one of those, Unc.  And the game.

(does jig)

August 31, 2007

As I sit here at my WinXP laptop, I’m installing Fedora 7 on my previously-mentioned Dell E521 on a lovely, echoey, empty and pristine 500GB drive.


And, to add to this picture of bliss, my lovely Sparecat is sitting ‘pon my lap. However, every tale has a sting in it, and this one is that my feline companion has the wind.

Oh yus.

crap getting crapper

August 31, 2007

It turns out that the reason my noizez on my Microsoft Vimto install have started to st-st-stutter is because dear Bill released some updates for his lame duck OS this week. One of the side effects of these quality patches is to shaft media play back.


(checks email inbox, still nothing from Dell)

heavy heart

August 31, 2007

So Dell didn’t get back to me within the 24 hours they promised.

Maybe y’all could start a campaign and email them asking why they didn’t reply?

The link you need is here.

The text you could* send is here:

Dear Dell

My best mate sent you an email and you haven’t had the slightest courtesy to reply to his enquiry.

Perhaps you could explain to me why, if I was in the market for a new PC, I should bother to buy one from you? Your company quite obviously doesn’t care about its customers once the cash is in the bank.

So fuck you Dell, I hope you die in a car accident. Tonight. 


*Could. Not should.

lovin’ all things retro

August 31, 2007

This brings new meaning to the words “rug” and “muncher”.

emailin’ Dell

August 30, 2007

Hello Dell

I purchased a Dimension E521 from the Outlet store a few months back. Rather unfortunately it came with Vista preinstalled. I think Bill said you had to do it otherwise he’d steal your dinner money.

I was happy to give it a go (after all I was assured by all the advertising that “the wow starts now”). But despite me filling the box with new components and maxing out the memory, the OS is still running like a three-legged acid-case pig.

Patiently, I await the “wow”.

Any chance I can swap this Vista thing for the green, green grass of XP? Or Linux. I hear u guyz luv teh penguin theez dayz.


(I await their reply…)


August 23, 2007

It turns out that Tim Henman’s tried to annnounce he’s retiring.

Trouble is he didn’t make it through to the first round of questions.


August 23, 2007

I didn’t sit any GCSEs this year, but it seems that I got an A* in English, Maths and science, along with an A in French and a B in Art.

This means I did better in Art than I did back in 1990… way cool!

my weekend plans

August 17, 2007

Well I’m looking forward to a weekend of debauchery.

The outlook is hedonistic, with sudden outbreaks of rampant sex. These will be followed by wine and food, mainly eaten or drunk from the navels of assorted young, nubile and flexible young ladies. With maybe a set of twins in the mix for good measure.

(In the real world, however, I shall be putting up a blind and hoovering.)