gamering news

Most recently I have been playing Resident Evil 4 on the boredofjam Wii. It rules, much like it did on the Gamecube, only I’ve got further this time (and with the lovely Wiimote in action it means I can aim better to shoot the heads of them zombie fellas).

I happened upon a trailer for Mario Galaxy (name may differ, I’m getting old now so I can get away with saying things like my grandad did when I was young, like “Can I have a go on Jet Set Miner?” and “I’m world champion at Jumping Horace on Skis.”) and it looks like a complete and utter mind-melter.

Also, I’m a touch embarrassed to admit that, apart from the HD telly demo disc they run in Tescas with the lovely ladies in bikinis, the thing that grabbed my attention was a trailer for Boogie. I guess it’s a bit like those dance mat games crossed with Singstar, but not being a true-honest-to-goodness gamer I may well just be talking out of my rump ‘ole.

And, of course Tomb Raider Anniversary is out in time for Christmas. Chalk me up for one of those, Unc.  And the game.

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