there’s a hole in my kilner jar

Don’t, whatever you do, tell Big Colin about this.

I’ve just managed to break the lid from the top of a Kilner jar he kindly gave me the other week. Said jar contains the dried fruit for my proposed Christmas cake. It also contains an unholy measure of brandy and Grand Mariner (well, who doesn’t have these store-cupboard essentials by the gallon?).

I thought I may as well “just try a little” (I believe W.T. Pooh, esq also once had a crazy idea like this) and in doing so, I made like an England goalkeeper and fumbled the lid onto the kitchen floor where it smashed into a meeeellion pieces.

Buggah boy (as me father would no doubt say at this point).

So I am rather hoping that Unc can come up with the goods and see if there’s a spare jar lurking in a corner somewhere at his house. And if so, could I nab it. And if so, on Friday?

At the moment the fruit is protected by some cling film. I just hope there’s enough alcohol in there to keep it sanitary…


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