windows live gubbins

Microsoft have kindly donated a few new tools as part of their on-going “Live” update to their traditional “offline” services. These include Live Messenger 8.5, Live Writer (what I am using now to post this, er, post), Live Photo Gallery, Live BSOD Reporter and Live Take Your OS And Stick It Up Your Arse. Although I may have made up two of these applications.

To be honest with you, the Writer app seems pretty bloody good and will mean I don’t have to keep sodding off to the internet every time I wish to do some writing.  Messenger is, meh, messenger (I’ll be needing to remove the annoying adverts from the bottom of the window though).

So, for once, a vaguely positive view on some MS freebies. If only everything from out of Redmond could be so spangly.


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