last night (a) – the 1:50am version

For the less keen-eyed of you, this:


is not Sparecat.

It is not a big cat, however, at 1:50am today, it filled my kitchen (mainly concentrating on the mat seen in the picture) entirely with shit.

Ever had to deal with cat shit at 2am? Big, stinky, get-up-20-minutes-later-to-spray-more-air-freshener quantities of cat shit? From a cat that doesn’t even belong to you?

I recommend it. Everyone should have the experience. My favourite bit was when I picked up a single sheet of kitchen roll with the intention of using it to clean up with, and then realising it would be a better bet to hire a mini-digger, or ditch the mat.

Mat donations can be made to the usual address.

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