lose your wallet overseas?

Make sure it doesn’t have a Capital One credit card in it, and be prepared to wait for Tescos.

Having had to phone up to get my cards cancelled this weekend after an unfortunate incident whilst in Cologne, I can now reveal that the famous “No Hassle” pledge from Capital One is a load of old toot.

Here’s the league table:
Barclays Connect
card, cancelled within 3 minutes
Capital One Platinum card, cancelled in 20 minutes
Abbey National cash machine card, cancelled within 4 minutes

The chappy from Capital One in Nottingham appeared not to be able to find my details, and at first suggested that I might like to call back another day. I pointed out that I had just had my wallet taken and would like to cancel my cards before they were used. Monday morning wasn’t an option. So having given my postcode 4 times, my surname five times, my date of birth “just one more time” (I guess I was on the phone to Columbo), and being put on hold for minutes, we eventually got somewhere and supposedly the card has been cancelled. Unfortunately they moved the balance on to the new one…

Card delivery times:
Barclays: 4 to 5 working days
Capital One: 7 to 10 working days
Abbey National: Unknown as I’ve not changed my address with them yet… oops
Nectar card: 4 to 5 working days
Tesco Clubcard: 6 to 7 weeks.

Update: Barclays Internet Banking line, on hold for 25 minutes and they wouldn’t send me an “official” reminder of my membership number, I have had to write it down on a piece of paper.

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