(part one) christmas e-cards for you to print and/or send

Hello reader, seasonal greetings to you.

Please find below three new boredofjam e-cards for Christmas 2007. They’re all A4 size and all 150dpi jpgs. If you’d like PDF versions, just ask.

I have plans for two more desgins, but time is pressing and deadlines (especially the 25th one) don’t wait.

For those with a mind for software, they were designed in Scribus, the Gimp and OpenOffice 2.3.1. The resultant PDFs were viewed through Foxit Reader.


Card 1
Card 2
Card 3

(And as ever, if I’ve not sent you a card personally (as I’m a lazy good-for-nothing fucker to be honest, and stamps cost the Earth these days), download and print out your favourite, cos I designed it specially with you in mind).


4 Responses to (part one) christmas e-cards for you to print and/or send

  1. Buz says:

    All very good sir. Especially Card 3. However, the best one, by far, is the “I have felt your presents…” Darth Vader card last year. You are yet to top that. Sorry.

  2. Alf says:

    Last year’s cards are, confusingly, posted on Feb 14th 2007.
    Here: https://boredofjam.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/christmas-post-2/

  3. Unc says:

    the girly on Red Squares wonders wheres Blockbusters and Woolies ?
    Umm ….very seasonal.
    Happy Christmas to all my readers
    And to Nef
    (I hear He wants some Cologne for a stocking filler…..)
    Ho! Ho!

  4. […] don’t forget all previous years’ entries: voila, voila, voila, voila, voila, and this one cos it makes me laugh still, and I drew […]

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