l33t linux haxx0r

January 31, 2008

Colin took delivery of his laptop yesterday.

(Author’s note: the reason I’ve not been updating the blog? It’s rather due to the selfish attitude of various parties who continue to believe I offer a free tech-support-for-life service and thrust broken computers at me to repair. Obviously I am such a nice fellow (read: fuckin’ sucker) that I do the work anyway.)

So Colin’s laptop then. That he wanted fixin’ up. It used to have Windows 2000 on it. And it ran fine. It’s a fairly ancient IBM X20, but has a 20gb drive and 192mb of memory in it.

For some reason, about a month ago, the damned thing started to slow down to beyond comedy. It took about 10 minutes to boot and get to a desktop. Once the GUI had appeared, you couldn’t do anything with it anyway. So I carefully rebuilt it, installing a lovely fresh copy of W2K. All patched up and everything.

And for 24 hours it worked like lightening.

Then it started to slow down again. Like the opposite of lightening. Which I guess is darkening. I don’t know.

BigBlueSturge suggested Xubuntu. I’d already tried to install Ubuntu but the installer wouldn’t get past “Stage 2 of 7”, so I was sceptical. However, by the magic of us holding hands and chanting the name of Richard M. Stallman over and over, the lightweight Linux distro installed.

Much  to my surprise and delight I have managed to get it onto Colin’s wireless network and – AND – it plays DVDs. Illegally, obviously. But it does it. I’m quite proud.

And now BigBlueSturge has told me that my new hard drive has arrived for the “Dell of Death” desktop I have at home (this is its third hard drive since I’ve had it. Part of me wants to blame the fact that they’re SATA, but most of me wants to blame Windows Vomit) so I’m asking myself, do I finally ditch Bill?

buzby’s blog

January 24, 2008

Mr Buzby Burton has a blog.

It is here.

Please feel free to drop by and support him in his endeavours.

lazy, predictable, 86 minutes lost

January 24, 2008

Aliens Vs Predator Requiem, I cannot be bothered to hate you.

You are just various pieces (entire scenes, lines of dialogue) from the first four Alien films and bits-and-bobs from the Predator films and a handy scene from Gremlins (for good measure). Apart from the bit where that blonde girl strips down to her underwear, you have no redeeming features.

The screen is too dark and the scenes suffer from the current trend in films, when they realise the CGI sucks, of being edited too quickly so you can’t see what’s going on with the creatures. It might have been and Alien fighting a Predator, but to be honest, it might as well have been Noddy vs Bob The Builder. At least Noddy and Bob can act.