the long and winding road

April 24, 2008

After all this time, is Linux (namely Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy Heron) really ready for the desktop? Er… no:

It remains total bollocks. Shuttleworth, you’re a useless twat. My PC has nothing obscure in it and yet your OS can’t be fagged to install and then update without falling over.

Vista’s a pile of shit, I’ll grant you, but it’s not fucked itself over by not letting me get to the GUI within 5 hours of being installed. Not that I’m an expert here, but the trick would be to check to see if any settings are beyond expected capabilities of the installed hardware and, if they are, then, say, not apply them.

It would save my blood pressure.

sci-fi stand-off: dr zoidberg vs the ood

April 23, 2008

ah! Ah! AH! Mr Russell T. Davis and your so-called “new” Doctor Who thing, you’ve been sussed.

Menacing red-eyed servant race, the Ood, or Decapodian fish-loving physician, Zoidberg? You decide:

Zoidberg Ood

bellowhead, cambridge junction 1, april 21

April 22, 2008

BigBlueSturge and I took ourselves off to watch a band last night. Bellowhead are their name, and very super they are too.

Having arrived at the conclusion over the weekend that the car had rather run out of MOT, BigBlue had to drive to Cambridge in his eccentric and archaeological Passat (£350-to-you-squire). We managed to get parked up just before the thing overheated, despite the best attempts of (a) my TomTom and (b) the idiot driver in the Japanese car in front of us (for sale, £6000 ono).

If you’ve never been to a Bellowhead gig, then you’re missing out. Usually fronted by stage legends John Spiers and Jon Boden, Spiers was absent on paternity leave. His place was taken by melodeon-legend Saul Rose, who, by the end of the encore, had not only demonstrated that Spiers had best not stay away for too long, but also that it was like an oven on stage.

They truly deserve their gongs for Best Live Act from the Radio 2 Folk Awards. Ably supported by Benji Kirkpatrick (who, er, plays the guitar-esque instruments in Bellowhead anyhoo (cheapskates)), the evening flew by with many old favourites enjoyed and some new material considered.

Below are some pictures from the evening. Bearing in mind they were taken with the camera on my phone and it’s got Sony’s patented “Shit Zoom” facility, I figured I’d go all arty and try and capture the colour and energy of the performance and performers, rather than anything that resembles a “good photograph” (they look ok as thumbnails, just beware the big-up pics when you click).

Bellowhead logo

Saul Rose

Benji Kirkpatrick

Benji Kirkpatrick

Jon Boden

Jon Boden

Paul Sartin

Pete Flood

Rachael McShane

Rose, Kirkpatrick, Boden - frontline

Saul Rose

Saul Rose

Bellowhead, left side of stage

Bellowhead, right side of stage

harry potter and the stupid rich bitch

April 17, 2008

JK Rowling, the impoverished author of pedestrian and predictable children’s books where the first one is the same as all the rest, has decided to take a guy to court because he’s written a guide to the Harry Potter universe.

Citing plagiarism as her cause, I can only guess that the encyclopaedia follows this structure, which I imagine is (c) Joanne Rowling:

1. Harry is living with the Dursleys
2. Harry is not happy because all his chums are away having fun and they’ve not written to him
3. Something terrible happens to one of the Dursleys and Harry is banished from the house/locked under the stairs
4. Suddenly, Harry’s friends turn up and take him away
5. On the train trip to school, something scary happens
6. A new teacher arrives at the school
7. Snape is nasty
8. Hallowe’en celebrations
9. Something spooky happens
10. Harry has to spend Christmas at school, alone. His friends don’t write to him
11. More spooky things happen
12. Term begins. The children are warned about the terrible things that might happen
13. Terrible things happen to a couple of minor characters
14. A major character dies
15. Harry does some magic he doesn’t realise he’s capable of, Harry gets in trouble for doing it, but it’s ok in the end
16. Term ends, everyone goes home to their families. Harry goes back to the Dursleys. His friends don’t write to him.

It’s a guide, Joanne. Just like there are guides to Discworld, Middle Earth, Red Dwarf, Neighbours and the Spice Girls. However, most authors would welcome an expanded and explained look into their creations from an independent mind. But not JK. The only thing she appears to want expanding is her bank account.

My lawyers are standing by (er, Unc, that’s you).

(Obviously there is bias and bile in this entry, but I can’t stand the woman)

(Update: Following discussions at the pub, BigBlueSturge is on the side of the money-grabbing witch).

new Wii games on their way

April 16, 2008

Genghis says:
you wanna be grumpy at the pub, or grumpy in front of the Wii?
Genghis says:
what multiplayer games you got Alf?
Alf says:
Super Mario Chopstick Challenge
Genghis says:
Alf says:
Legend of Zelda: Wave A Flag A Lot Game
Sonic Pokey Pokey
Genghis says:
Alf says:
Tomb Raider: Fall Off Stuff 7
Resident Elvis
Quantity Surveying: ATTAX
Rock Polishing 2
Night Tremors: The Phlegm Rises
Hoppin’ Mad George
Bad Day In Mental Ward 4
Chop Chop Brothers
Beat Me You Deserve It Bitch
Pro Cat/String Simulator
Drum Like A Deaf Man
Hyper Bole
Super Hyper Bole
Super Super Hyper Bole
Very Super Super Express Brilliant Hyper Bole
Match Lighting Competition 3
Ultra Point At Stuff
Buz says:
(he’ll stop soon)
Buz says:
(just be patient)
Genghis says:
don’t bet on it
Alf says:
Super F-Pencil Sharpener
Hop Hop Nigel And Bouncy Susan
Ice Cream Machine (UK Edition)
Monster Chi-Chi Doll Maker
The Insaniac
Teeth Brushing: The 3 Minute Redux
QwikFLUSH! Extra Time 2
Hammer and Nailz (DIY Express Edition)
Laser Guided Guides
Enteric Explorer
Mined Out: 2010
Neil Gaiman’s Time For Tea
Paint Drying Day: Mama’s Here
Animal Squashing
Horace Goes Cottaging
NikNok: Gotta Annoy Them All
Star Wars: Hit It Chewie!
Super All Your Eggs in One Basket
Shoot The Birds Shoot Them All
Rat Poisoner: Nighttime Edition
What’s My Time Zone?
Where On Earth Is America? 3
Captain Sensible Gets A Deskjob
Mr Bland Eats Some Porridge
Economy Mismanagement: Gordon Brown Edition
Ultra Compound Interest Bros
Steal My Money My Pin Number Is…
Zombie Cat Cat Attack
Super Cruxifiction Simulator
My Name’s Not $Username$ : 4
Alf says:
er, that’s it. Off the top of my head. Any there take your fancy?
Genghis says:
nah, not really